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At an early age, Ella had the unique opportunity to be a confidant and support system for many people. With wisdom, humor, and openness passed down to her from her bisexual grandma, Ella received a rich education. In 2000 at UC Santa Cruz she began The I Want Sex Club (I.W.S.C.) for students who wanted to talk about sex in a non-judgmental, supportive forum. Shortly thereafter, she graduated with a Sociology B.A. from UCLA, and then went on to teach comprehensive sexual health education to high school classrooms throughout Los Angeles Unified School District.

Now, Ella is finally working on a book that will share her insights on sexuality and in the interim she's offering exclusive private one-on-one coaching packages, providing the perfect space for women to become empowered emotionally and sexually, discovering what they want, how to ask for it and most importantly how to receive it. It's her greatest passion to be of service and offer you the tools, understanding and support to check in and be with what you really are, - amazing and beautiful!

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Go Ask Ella Speaks!!!

What a joyous and magical journey this year has been... I spoke for my first time about the work I'm doing yesterday at the Reveal Your RAYdiance Experience in Los Angeles yesterday. It was an amazing day filled with compassion, sweet sisterhood connections, vulnerability, beauty, and just good juiciness!

Asking women to turn to one other and share who they learned about sex from was a giant, earth-shattering eye-opener for everyone present. So many of us never consider how words, beliefs, experiences from our youth effect us on such a core level and it was really fun to ask these ladies to reveal themselves. One woman in her 50s shared with me that it never occurred to her how much her first introduction to sex played a role in how she felt about her body and her sex life. Yesterday, she realized her mother spoke about sex and the body as dirty, telling her to turn around when she was undressing and told her not to look. Even with logic applied and thirty years having passed, this woman shared that when she got pregnant for the first time she was afraid to tell anyone because then they'd have known she was being dirty. Can you imagine? In some ways she was sad that she spent so many years locked up in this deeply rooted concept of the sexual being dirty and after our conversation, she felt empowered to start opening up with her granddaughter about her experience. How awesome that she can take her wisdom and transform her relationship with sex as well as the next generation's...

It's so crucial for women to share truth and uncover the stories we swallowed, there are so many loaded beliefs operating in us and without a little digging, we remain blind to what keeps us from feeling good, beautiful, and sexy.

It felt so yummy to stand up and be real with these women and empower them to be real with themselves.

Lauren, a sweet heart of sass, was so thrilled by the experience of working with me for just 15 minutes that she offered to share this little juicy video with you...

I'll have an edited version of my whole presentation soon, maybe next week... so stay tuned! You won't wanna miss the "dab and dip" super juicy secret tip I gave, that is sure to change the way you feel when you head out for a night on the town!

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