Ella Lauser is a new paradigm sexual health and wellness coach, writer, speaker and energetic healer. But perhaps most importantly she is the sister you probably never had!

At an early age, Ella had the unique opportunity to be a confidant and support system for many people. With wisdom, humor, and openness passed down to her from her bisexual grandma, Ella received a rich education. In 2000 at UC Santa Cruz she began The I Want Sex Club (I.W.S.C.) for students who wanted to talk about sex in a non-judgmental, supportive forum. Shortly thereafter, she graduated with a Sociology B.A. from UCLA, and then went on to teach comprehensive sexual health education to high school classrooms throughout Los Angeles Unified School District.

Now, Ella is finally working on a book that will share her insights on sexuality and in the interim she's offering exclusive private one-on-one coaching packages, providing the perfect space for women to become empowered emotionally and sexually, discovering what they want, how to ask for it and most importantly how to receive it. It's her greatest passion to be of service and offer you the tools, understanding and support to check in and be with what you really are, - amazing and beautiful!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Reading Further May Result in Feeling Lighter and More Connected... beware! ;-)

"Before starting this amazing self exploration with Miss Lauser, I was often confronted by tidal waves of emotion and negativity. My days were plagued by feelings of inadequacy and I would often look to the future and wistfully think that someday things would be "better", someday I would be perfect and reach all my goals in some movie-esque song swelling moment. Since working with Ella, I have discovered the importance of being present in every moment and that each day is all we have and all we should worry about. I feel lighter and more conscious than I ever have before and all the energy of ME and my presence are connected. I've learned to stop berating and judging myself and in effect I have learned to stop judging others. It is all one collective experience and I am now able to take a breath, close my eyes, and buoy myself in the now. I can't say where this journey will take me but I am excited and filled with anticipation to find out."

I feel so honored to share this journey of expression, presence and exploration with the women I coach. It's so funny how just clearing a space for you to talk and ultimately, connect with your truth, is really the key to your expansion.
For me, it's only natural to talk about the stuff that raises eyebrows and that most people keep hush hush. If we stuff it, it just percolates and agitates. If you don't have someone to really ask and feel safe with, know that now you do.

What am I offering? 120 minutes a month of connecting with me about where you're stuck and held back from truly experiencing yourself in the present moment. I'll help you get out of your head and feel confident in bed. The minutes we connect on the phone, skype or in person will be broken up into 4 half hour sessions or two one hour sessions for a three month minimum. It is my intention to truly be available to you, so if you're not sure if you're worth it or if you can afford it, we'll work something that feels good for both of us. Don't hesitate to Go Ask Ella, email me at goaskella@gmail.com

Discussing sexuality is just the surface, it's amazing where we actually end up and what is unveiled. Today's post brought to you by...(Let's just call you Sadie in order to protect your anonymity, thank you Sadie) the letter S - for the words sex, self, Sadie, and safe.

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  1. Awesome! So sweet! you are an inspiration, Ella - the impact that you are having already on the women of our world is thrilling!