Ella Lauser is a new paradigm sexual health and wellness coach, writer, speaker and energetic healer. But perhaps most importantly she is the sister you probably never had!

At an early age, Ella had the unique opportunity to be a confidant and support system for many people. With wisdom, humor, and openness passed down to her from her bisexual grandma, Ella received a rich education. In 2000 at UC Santa Cruz she began The I Want Sex Club (I.W.S.C.) for students who wanted to talk about sex in a non-judgmental, supportive forum. Shortly thereafter, she graduated with a Sociology B.A. from UCLA, and then went on to teach comprehensive sexual health education to high school classrooms throughout Los Angeles Unified School District.

Now, Ella is finally working on a book that will share her insights on sexuality and in the interim she's offering exclusive private one-on-one coaching packages, providing the perfect space for women to become empowered emotionally and sexually, discovering what they want, how to ask for it and most importantly how to receive it. It's her greatest passion to be of service and offer you the tools, understanding and support to check in and be with what you really are, - amazing and beautiful!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You Asked, You Wanted to Know...

Quite a few folks such as yourselves wrote me that they were uber grateful for my help and wanted to give back by sending some financial love my way.  One girl in particular said, "I'm not really interested in being a coaching client right now but I really want to pay you for your advice, it's priceless."
Wow, thank you. 
Or another one, a personal favorite- "So, Ella, I tip my bartender twenties every week for listening to me rant and to pour me drinks... The advice on UTIs and dipping and dabbing you've given is like, a thousand times more valuable than all the dirty martinis I sucked down this year.  How can I tip YOU for all your awesome tips?"
Okay, okay I get it.  THANK YOU, I'm super honored yet again.  In addition to just going all mushy inside, I thought how silly of me that I didn't think to make it possible for you all to give back to me (awww the art of receiving that often escapes even  the best of us).  It's true, I spend hours researching and thoughtfully preparing responses for you (thank you to all 20 one of you who have written me this week alone)! 

I so appreciate your appreciation and if you want to make a contribution to Go Ask Ella please do so!
Consider yourself high-fived! 

huge thank you for the already received donations from Canada, NYC (woo hooo Brooklyn), Austin TX (thanks for staying weird and sassy), Los Angeles, gay Paris, Boston, San Francisco and South Korea.

A special shout out to Peter M, Niki D, Beth B, Dawn B, my Ambers, Elizabeth, Amy, Kim, Jacqueline, David, Dina, Mama Kia, Ashley, Monique, Christopher, Pam, Dr. Deb, Rosario, Deb S., Yogi, Russell, Liza, David James, Vidya, Sierra, Lauren, David T, Gina, Melanie, James, Riley, Hillary, Max, Christine, Mary, Uti, Marcy, DeFracia, Deb B., Mei Wei, Claire, Jeannie, Brion, Fabiano, James, Maria, Scott, Leah, and Heather!  Thank you for being such amazing, inspiring, supporting angels!!!!

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